8 Tips for Awesome Sleep
According to Dr. Mercola,
if you are no sleeping between 11pm and 1 am
you are not getting GROWTH HORMONE properly.
Did you know… if you are SLEEPING WELL,
your gallbladder produce fat-breaking enzyme,
so you are less likely to GET FAT.
Another study about Dr. Mercola states
well-rested sleeping reduces the chance of
It is NOT how LONG you sleep.
It is all about the QUALITY of your sleep.
Here is the NINE tips.
1. NO small light, NO small lamp, NO clock shining
The darker, the better
2. Avoid all cellphone and tablet.
The ray from the monitor is like the daytime light.
3. Avoid the coffee and caffeine in the afternoon.
Even though you can sleep, the quality of sleep is NOT good.
4. 3-4 hours before your sleeping, take a great protein.
The great protein contains L-tryptophan = turning to Melatonine.
5. 3-4 hours before your sleeping, eat great veggies and fruits.
These veggies and fruits combine with tryptopahn and make Melatonine in our body.
6. Watch out AC and dry air. Even though Hawaii is hot,
counting on AC can be devastating to our sleep.
7. Making a habit to get the CONSISTENT sleeping schedule.
I know weekend can be difficult. BUT, the body likes the rhythm.
8. Check your spine with Chiropractors.
Discomfort/pain in your spine will disturb your quality of sleeping.
Even you do not have pain, Chirorpactor help you for NERVE BALANCE such as FIGHT AND FLIHGT (sympathetic reaction).
Be Healthy! Be Happy!