Perfect Squat, Constipation, Giving Birth Healthy,
Healthy Retirement, Longevity, Quality of Life…

We all think that these things are not related to each other.
But, they are!!!
I believe that Perfect Squatting Saves Humanity!!!

When I was a little in Japan long time ago,
everyone was DEFICATING in a SQUATTING position.
(Sorry if you are eating…)


Since Japan has been westernized,
our toilet has been changed into a seated toilet.

I personally believe that
that was the turning point for the Japanese HEALTH CARE!
(I am not exaggerating!!)

The older adults in Japan were squatting on a regular basis
every time when they go to restroom.

Squatting is one of the most important fundamental exercises.
We need to squat like an ancient people DEFICATING!!!
(again I apologize if you are eating)



We need to squat like a BABY for the rest of our life (it is the same mechanics!!!)

We focus on a baby from now on…


When we play with the babies
we see their perfect squatting:
(they do not bend their spine/back)

1. Their head is directly above the feet
(since their head is heavy and
they need to be aligned with the center of gravity)

2. They have a forward arch in the lower back
(a forward arch prevents them from stressing the disc)

3. Their chest is open
(great posture and engaging with the core muscle)

4. Their hip is open
(they use strong gluteus muscles and engaging with the core muscle)

5. They bend their knee
(they use strong leg muscles)


This is the perfect squatting.
If we continue to squat like that for the rest of our life,
we will have lots of great positive influences for our health:

1. Squatting affects our muscular system positively.
(a great leg exercise and core exercises)
(avoiding osteoporosis and weakness)

2. Squatting affects our digestive system positively.
(when the hip and low back are in a great alignment and move freely, that stimulates the digestive movement.)

3. Squatting affects our reproductive system positively.
(when the hip joint is moving freely, giving birth is easier. The reproductive organs produce the hormone efficiently)

4. Squatting affects our posture and nervous system positively
(this is the lifelong brain training to maintain the great posture
and a smoother conduction of nerve flow)

Be Healthy! Be Happy!